2015 (LIX) No. 3–4

Bakhtin’s Theory of Speech Genres and the Addressivity in Cultural Pragmatics of Genres in Literature: “Genus” vs. “Genre”
Rainer Grübel (Carl von Ossietzsky University of Oldenburg)
The Habsburg Legacy from a Postcolonial and Postimperial Perspective
Marijan Bobinac (University of Zagreb)
New Insights into the Concept of Decadence
Sibila Petlevski (Academy of Dramatic Arts, Zagreb)
What Goes on Behind Mason and Dixon’s Backs in Pynchon’s Novel?
Stipe Grgas (University of Zagreb)
Feminist, Postmodern, Violent: Postwar Film Noir Romance, and the Undoing of Truth and Subjectivity
Dijana Jelača (New York City College of Technology)
Book of America
Book review of Stipe Grgas, Američki studiji danas: identitet, kapital, spacijalnost (American Studies Today: Identity, Capital, Spatiality), Zagreb: Meandar Media, 2014
Sven Cvek (University of Zagreb)
Literary Theory and the Challenges of the Present
Book review of Vladimir Biti, Tracing Global Democracy: LIterature, Theory, and the Politics of Trauma, Berlin and Boston: De Gruyter, 2016
Stipe Grgas (University of Zagreb)