The journal Umjetnost riječi was founded in 1957 and represents the longest running Croatian journal in philology. Even though we are based at the University of Zagreb, our international editorial board and international advisory board connects us to the scholars in Europe, West Balkans, USA and Asia. We accept papers that address innovative readings and new approaches to the text in the widest sense in the field of literary, theatre and film studies. Papers can also be interdisciplinary, and rely, when necessary, on other disciplines (including, but not limited to other disciplines within the humanities and social sciences).
Apart from research and review papers, we also publish reviews of recent scholarly books published in any language. We publish transcripts of round-table discussions on pertinent cultural topics as well as interviews with established or innovative scholars in the humanities, organised by our editorial team. The journal also features topical blocks and topical issues and authors are warmly invited to send us their ideas.
We want our authors to treat the journal as a platform for diverse perspectives and lively academic debates.
All issues are multilingual. We accept manuscripts in Croatian, English, Bosnian, Montenegrin and Serbian. The journal’s content is fully available online via our homepage and the Hrcak portal, and in print. 
We are looking forward to your contributions!