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1957 – 1973 1974 – 2009 2009 – 2012 2013 –

The Art of Words
Journal of Literary, Theatre and Film Studies
Publication frequency: 2 issues per year
ISSN: 0503-1583 (Print)
ISSN: 1849-1693 (Online)

UDK 82.091+820](05)
Publisher: Hrvatsko filološko društvo Zagreb
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The journal Umjetnost riječi was founded in 1957. The journal publishes research papers, discussions, reviews, conference papers and annual bibliographies from the field of literary theory and literary history. It is a leading Croatian periodical anchored in literary studies, with well-established cooperation with other Europe-based institutions of higher education.
2006 saw the publication of a special issue with a complete bibliography of the journal (1957-2005) as well as a special double issue, both published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the journal. No. 3-4 of the 2009 issue was dedicated to the so-called “Zagreb School of Thought”. The members of this school, also known as the Zagreb Stylistic School, most notably Zdenko Škreb, Ivo Frangeš, Aleksandar Flaker and Viktor Žmegač, played a crucial role in the launching of the journal in the mid-1950s.

Around the end of 2012, the journal received a new editorial board that decided to introduce several changes. As a result, the journal has received a new subheading to include theatre and film studies, which may be the biggest change in terms of the content. In the first six months of their work, the new editors have established a data base with domestic and international reviewers, launched a bilingual website of the journal and provided full access to past issues of the journal via the portal Hrcak: Portal of Scientific Journals of Croatia. The new editors are currently working on strengthening the profile of the journal in international data bases, which represents one of the key long-term goals.
The journal publishes research papers, reviews of relevant domestic and international books in the sphere of literary, theatre and film studies, transcripts of round table debates organised by the Editorial Board, and interviews with distinguished international and domestic scholars.
From 2022, all issues are multilingual. We admit manuscripts in Croatian, English, Bosnian, Montenegrin and Serbian. We shall occasionally prepare topical blocks and issues, announced in our call for papers.